After School Clubs

School years are not just a time for classroom learning, but also for identifying passions and hobbies. Here at Southwold School, we conduct a wide range of after-school clubs, all of which are aimed at giving our children the best school experience possible. These clubs allow them to follow their passions and develop individual skills and talents. By taking part in these clubs, our children are able to develop an array of transferable skills, including confidence, imagination, teamwork, coordination, focus, creativity, and determination. Honing these attributes at an early age sets them up for success not only at school, but also in their adult life.

In addition, there are various other clubs that run, from football to dance to the coding club. These can change each term, so look out for information sent home to sign up for new clubs as they become available.

Sunshine Club

Sunshine Club provides high-quality after-school care until 5:45 pm every evening.

Southwold School Sunshine Club is an after-school club, specially created for the children of Southwold School.

Our aim at Sunshine Club is to provide a safe yet exciting environment for your children to feel comfortable and relaxed. They will get the chance to be involved in planned activities and outdoor play, as well as listening to music, reading, or just having a chat. We endeavor to create a home from home for the children of busy parents and carers.

The children are cared for by a qualified team in a safe and familiar environment.

A snack /drinks and light tea are provided.

Children in the Foundation Stage and Years One and Two are brought to Sunshine Club by a member of teaching staff.

Children in Years Three to Six come to Sunshine Club unaccompanied.

A register will be taken on arrival and parents/carers will be asked to sign their child out when leaving.

If you are interested in your child attending Sunshine Club, please read and complete the Sunshine Admission Form. Additionally, bookings for the next term or for the current term can be made using the appropriate Booking Form, which is available from the school office (01869 324061).

Sunshine Club Telephone Number: 07876 320705

Ofsted Number: 123089

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Why Join a Club?

Young people’s skills start to grow and evolve from an early age, and their time at school plays a significant role in shaping their attributes and personality. By taking part in our after-school clubs, students enhance their social skills and enjoy spending time with other children outside of the classroom. They also develop a range of other attributes, depending on which club they attend.