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Celebrating Our Staff on World Teachers’ Day

5 October 2018
Celebrating Our Staff on World Teachers’ Day

Today, 5th October, is World Teachers’ Day, and Southwold Primary School is celebrating the excellence, hard work, and commitment of our many fantastic teachers. As a school, we are fortunate to have a truly exceptional team that does everything possible to deliver a top-class education for each and every pupil.

To show our appreciation and celebrate our wonderful teachers, the staffroom has been filled with ‘thank you’ notes and treats for them all to enjoy. Mrs Wollington, Principal, said: “It is not very often that you get to celebrate just how wonderful teachers are. This day is just a small token of appreciation and thanks to the teachers who spend not only their working day, but a lot of time at home too, to ensure every child has the best education they can.”

Being a teacher comes with a lot of pressure and responsibility. They are required to develop the next generation, teaching them life skills as well as knowledge and understanding. Everyone remembers their favourite, and most likely least favourite, school teacher, which demonstrates just how much of an impact they have.

Alongside the pressure of being in such a crucial position, teachers are also faced with long working hours, both inside and outside of school. When the final bell rings and the children go home, teachers still have hours of marking and lesson planning to take care of. The job never stops.

On the other hand, teaching is a very rewarding career. Working with children may be challenging, but there is a huge sense of pride and satisfaction that teachers get from watching a child they have taught for many years grow and develop.

Our teachers do an amazing job and help us to foster an environment where pupils are safe, feel comfortable, and have the opportunity to learn. We are grateful for you all not just today, but every day.

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