Local Businesses Help Southwold School Pupils Explore Science

Nearly 300 pupils and a number of local organisations are taking part in Southwold Primary & Nursery School’s first science week in association with the British Science Association’s CREST Awards.

Pupils will take part in a variety of scientific investigations, experiments, and activities as part of CREST, a nationally recognised scheme for student-led project work in the STEM subjects. Topics of all kinds will be explored, from investigating the properties of bubbles to designing and building model bridges using the fundamentals of physics.

A number of local organisations are supporting Southwold School’s science week. Engineers from Wirth Research, a Bicester-based performance engineering company, will visit the school to demonstrate exciting, real-world applications of pupils’ classroom-based studies.

James Deacon, Senior Design Engineer at Wirth Research, said: “Wirth Research is pleased to be able to support Southwold School with their science week. As an engineering company we thrive on the skills of our people, so we look for opportunities to invest in developing our engineers of the future.”

Members of the University of Oxford Earth Sciences Department, as well as the Modernising Medical Microbiology Research Group, will also visit the school to deliver inspirational sessions and motivate pupils to pursue their interest in science.

Teresa Street PhD, Senior Laboratory Scientist at Modernising Medical Microbiology, said: “The science week is a fantastic idea. I’m happy to be involved as I think it’s so important that children are exposed to science from an early age, in as many different forms as they can be. “

“We need to nurture enquiring minds for the future, and allowing the children to see science in a more applied way encourages them to think about things more scientifically in their everyday lives.”

“At Southwold, I’ll be introducing the children to the idea of ‘germs’ as the cause of infection, getting them to think about how these can be spread, and also letting them have a look through a microscope at some slides of different bacteria. I’ll also have some agar plates with bacteria I’ve grown from my fingers to show them, in the hope they understand the importance of hand washing!”

Staff from The Cooper School, a local secondary school, will also be attending to lead some of the scientific workshops



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