Foundation Subjects

Including Sports Funding


We aim to give all our children opportunities to experience, experiment, appreciate, and enjoy all aspects of the visual arts.


We plan for children to use a variety of materials and techniques that will allow them to be imaginative and to communicate their feelings, emotions, and ideas.


Skills learnt in art are frequently important to other areas of the curriculum. One such skill we especially wish to promote is that of careful observation. We begin to encourage this in the youngest children and aim to develop it throughout the school. Time is given to developing specific skills such as collage, clay-work, marbling, modelling, painting, printing, sewing, or sketching. Art is frequently inspired by an aspect of topic work.


We see it as important to display children’s work in classrooms and throughout the school to show our appreciation of their efforts and to encourage children to evaluate their own and other’s work.


Internet Safety Weblinks:


Our aim is for all children to be competent users of electronic equipment and to enjoy furthering their knowledge of its use.


Computing is an important part of our learning programme.


We recognise the need for today’s children to be familiar with computers and to use them for word processing, editing, modelling, data handling and control technology.


Each class has access to tape recorders/headphones, television, video and camcorder, and regular sessions are timetabled in our Computing Suite of 15 computers and 14 Ipads, paid for access to Espresso and Espresso coding.


The programs we use are designed to complement other curriculum subjects as well as to encourage children to enjoy and feel confident using them. We continue to purchase appropriate programs and equipment within our agreed budget.

Southwold School Computing Termly Overview Planning 2014/2015

Key: CS= Computer Science DL: Digital Literacy

Term 1: Julia Donaldson Stories


(CS) e-Safety

Careful handling technology devices

Limit time on devices

(DL) Programming

Mouse, touchpad or touch to control objects on a screen

Exploring with floor robots

(DL) Handling Data / (DL) Multimedia

Investigating things under a microscope

Making a portrait with a paint program or app

Voice recorder to capture local visit

(DL) Technology in our lives

Taking and printing photographs

Operating simple equipment

(Class blog to share learning)

Term 2 : Which is the biggest dinosaur?


(CS) e-Safety Rules

Tell an adult

Keep password private

(DL) Programming

Turns on equipment

Floor robot retelling a story

(DL) Multimedia / TinLives

Taking photos / video

Using talking tins

Presenting story characters using paint program

Online resource to watch African dance

(DL) Handling Data / (DL) Multimedia

Investigating things under a microscope

Making a portrait with a paint program or app

Voice recorder to capture local visit

Term 3: Explorers

Who can run the fastest

(CS) e-Safety

Pop-ups and in-App purchases

Kind to my friends

(DL) Programming

Control ladybird moving to flowers on screen (2Go)

Open-ended activity online to practise mouse and touch skills

(DL) Technology in our lives

Taking and printing photographs

Operating simple equipment

(Class blog to share learning)

(DL) Multimedia / TinLives

Taking photos / video

Using talking tins

Presenting story characters using paint program

Online resource to watch African dance

Design & Technology

Technology is not simply about making things but is a process that involves children in designing, planning, making and evaluating their solutions to practical problems.


It includes cooking and sewing as well as the traditional model making. Technology provides links across the subject areas and with topic work. It links particularly well with physical science by designing, making and testing, for example, electrical circuits or friction ramps.


We aim to teach our children specific skills as well as the ability to apply their knowledge and understanding of other curriculum areas. We encourage children to be creative in their ideas, to take a pride in their workmanship and to have the open mindedness necessary to meet challenges.


Through History and Geography we aim to give children a sense of time and place which we approach mainly through topic work.


Geography is concerned with the physical features of our Earth, and the changes that people, both past and present, have made to it. We encourage children to think about their immediate surroundings and use visits, map-work, books, and other resources to broaden children’s outlook towards other areas and other countries.


The study of history develops an interest in events and how people and places have changed over time. We use visits to museums, exhibits, books, and artefacts to provide starting points for discussions and activities.

Modern Foreign Languages

In Key Stage 2 all children learn French. Language lessons are delivered by a specialist language teacher and children are introduced to French phonics, as well as learning about different cultural festivals in France.


Children also have the opportunity to learn some simple German. In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children are introduced to learning another language, usually through songs and games. Older children have the opportunity to participate in short trips abroad.


We aim to promote a love of music in our children, both as listeners and performers.


We believe the children gain personal satisfaction, self-confidence, and social skills through making music together (performing) and communicating musical ideas (composing).


All classes have access to a variety of musical resources, which are used by the children in groups or as a class. Singing and percussion work are important aspects of the musical training of all children.


With dedicated and passionate teaching staff within the school we are fortunate to have a thriving orchestra and choir, we encourage these groups to perform in assemblies and concerts so that children and parents can enjoy and share in their success.

Physical Education inc Sports Funding

Our aim is to provide an active and enjoyable programme that will help children to develop balance, control, co-ordination, and encourage them to work co-operatively and use equipment in a careful, appropriate manner.


The curriculum offers games, dance, gymnastics and athletics to all children. Children will learn skills appropriate to their age and ability through planning, performing and evaluating their own and other’s actions.


In addition we include a regular swimming lesson for KS2 (Years 3-6) at Bicester Sports Centre where children are encouraged to progress through the Oxford Certificates of Competency.


Our committed sports co-ordinator is enthusiastic in providing a diverse range of sporting opportunities to pupils across the school. In addition, from time to time children have specific training in sports such as football and rugby by coaches from local clubs.


We hope children will develop a positive attitude towards physical activities, based on enjoyment and an understanding of their contribution to a healthy body.


Primary Physical Education and Sport Funding ~ Click Here

Religious Education

We aim to encourage in children a growing awareness of themselves and others, and to develop a positive interest in life and learning.


Children learn about different religions, beliefs, and practices and reflect upon the world around them and their role in it.


The teaching of RE in school is in accordance with the Oxfordshire Syllabus compiled by representatives of teachers, local churches, other faith groups, and the LEA.


Our assemblies are broadly Christian and aim to promote the spiritual, moral and cultural development of pupils. The calendar year provides opportunities to share in various religious festivals and develop a sense of worship through celebrating and rejoicing together.


RE is a compulsory subject but parents who do not wish their child to take part in it or in religious worship should contact the Headteacher so that alternative arrangements can be made.

Vocal and Instrumental Programme (VIP)

Children in Year 3 are given the opportunity to learn to play the Violin through the Vocal and Instrumental Programme provided by Oxfordshire Music Service.


Children who wish to continue beyond Year 3 are offered the chance to “Play-On” in small group at a reduced rate.


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