A broad and balanced curriculum

Our aim is to provide the highest quality education for all in a caring, supportive, inclusive and vibrant learning environment. We are proud to offer our pupils a board, balanced and stimulating curriculum where teachers and pupils collaboratively work to ensure high quality teaching and learning, that is challenging and thought- provoking, so everyone can achieve their potential and beyond.

At Southwold Primary and Nursery School we believe that children’s learning is more than acquiring knowledge. Across all subjects we encourage children to question, plan, analyse and evaluate, and thus develop a broad understanding of each subject area and the links between them.

Our curriculum is based around a whole school question and then different year groups have a separate theme within their year group, though all answering the same probing question. For example our whole school question ‘Where did we come from? Where are we going? Year 1 investigated ‘Toys from the past’, Year 2 explored ‘The Gun Powder Plot’ and ‘The Great Fire of London’, Year 3 and 4 studied ‘The life of Tudors’, Year 5 discovered ‘The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain’ and Year 6 focused on ‘Mayan Civilisation’ and ‘Black History’.

As a school we always have a hook that engages our children in their whole school big question with a ‘Celebration of Learning’ at the end of the term. This allows us to involve our parents and carers in what we are learning. Newsletters and topic webs give our parents and carers a larger view of what we are learning providing them with information on key learning points that term. We also ask for parents and our community partners for support in topics.

During our big question ‘Who inspires us?’ we were able to invite inspirational speakers into school such as Kiko Matthews who is now the fastest women to row solo across the Atlantic.

Please click on our curriculum overview to see what your child will be learning this year. Please click on each subject for further insight into that area.

Curriculum Overview


This academic year, we are using ‘Big Questions’ as the basis for whole school cross curricular topics. Each year group will take the question and plan age appropriate activities for their classes using the National Curriculum 2014 guidelines.



Other Events

What makes me special? (2 weeks)
KS1 Who inspires us? (History/Values link)
Where did we come from, where are we going? (4 weeks ) (History link)
British Food Fortnight
Where did we come from? Where are we going? 3/4 weeks (History Values/link)
How do we celebrate? (RE/Values link)
Black History Month
National Walk to School Month
Children in Need (17/11)
Anti-Bullying week (13/11)
Can we investigate? (Science/Computing link)
Values week
STEM week (05/03)
Safer Internet Day (06/03)
Science Festival (08/03)
Sports Relief (16/03)
What’s the story? (Art/DT link)
Bike to School Day (02/04)
What makes the world a better place? (Geography/RE link)
Maths Week
Bike to school day (02/04)
SATs (14/05)
What’s through the window
Arts Festival
Phonics (11/06)
Arts Festival (12/07)
Bicester Film Festival

Although each topic is cross curricular, each one has a bias towards to different subject area of the curriculum. The EYFS will continue to plan activities which follow the interests of the children alongside the broader question.

All schools now follow the objectives of the National Curriculum.

This consists of three core subjects:

And eight foundation subjects:

Overview of Foundation Subjects


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