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Hello and a warm welcome from Mrs Holloway & Mrs Palser

Hello we are Reception class and we love to work and learn together as one big happy family. On this page you will find all the information you may require linked to what is happening in Foundation Stage.

Our Learning Environments

Welcome to our Reception class page. We are currently working hard on our exciting curriculum for the upcoming year.


Our indoor space offers our children a bright, colourful, stimulating and positive environment. It is divided into zones which promote and encourage the children to learn and develop different key skills. We like to call our key indoor areas:

  • Centipede Centre (Reception Registration base)
  • Busy Beehive (Nursery Registration base)
  • Snail sanctuary (A peaceful place for a spot of quiet learning or reflection)
  • Butterfly Bay (Phonics and writing base)
  • Caterpillar corner (children enjoy eating their snack and taking part in regular cooking activities in our fully equipped kitchen)


The outside learning environment is divided into similar areas, however the resources and experiences differ to those on offer inside. They are on a much larger scale and encourage the development of different skills and learning opportunities.

We have recently had our outside learning environment enhanced by the help of parents at a successful ‘Ground Force’ event. Look out for the date of our next event to help try to further improve the area. Children love to be outside so a pair of Wellies and a warm coat are always a must!

Our Daily Routine


Doors open and Reception children are welcomed into class. For the first few weeks parents are welcome to come in and help settle their child but as your child becomes more confident we will be encouraging them to come in independently. When your child comes into school they will need to hang their things on their peg, put book bag away in drawer, put snack and drink in designated area and then find their name and add to our self -Register apple tree. Can they recognise what number they are on the tree? Can you help them count to find out what number they are today?

We enjoy daily morning phonics sessions using the Read, Write, Inc scheme and also take part in regular focus Maths, Understanding of the World, Circle Time, PE, music and French sessions. Every morning and afternoon we break for a snack where the children are taught the importance of washing their hands before eating and the benefits of a healthy diet.


This year we are excited about exploring and developing new topics which follow both the whole school key questions and also children’s independent interests. EYFS follows a child led curriculum – not solely based on topics.

This is designed to have the flexibility to follow the children’s specific interests and/or needs. It means that the Child is in the driving seat and adults respond to what the child finds interesting or needs further support in and develops the environment and activities around these things.

This is the magic of Foundation Stage and we can never quite predict where the learning may take us next! Each term we will be sending home a curriculum overview which will outline which skills we will be covering and the kinds of activities we will be doing in school with the children.

You will find below links to our current curriculum overview and latest newsletter. Please take a moment to read and keep up to date with what is going on.

Please have a browse through the links below for extra support at home with reading, writing and maths. You will also find some links to exciting websites to support learning at home.

Reading in Reception

Now Reception children have begun full time school we will begin teaching phonics. Please see link which gives you information about the phonics programme that the school uses – ‘Read, Write, Inc’. We will be arranging a phonics workshop for parents to provide you with further information on the programme and will be demonstrating how the children are taught phonics and how you can support their learning at home.

When we feel your child is ready for a reading book we will start them on an appropriate level and will change these books on a weekly basis. Initially their books may be picture books and we ask that you encourage them to tell you a story using the pictures or model to your child how to do so. Please sign the book to say that you have heard your child read in their link book and make any comments so that we know the book needs changing.

When your child is ready we will also be sending home ‘Rotten Red Words’ that cannot be read phonetically and need to be sight read. Please try to help your child to learn these as it will support their fluency when reading.

Please can we request that reading books, library books, sound books and reading diaries are always kept in children’s book bags.

Please continue to read any books you may have at home with your child and make use of your local library to develop their love of books and reading.


The following items of clothing will be needed in school:

  • A pair of named ‘wellies’
  • PE kit for our PE sessions (After ½ term). PE lessons will take place on Mondays. Plimsolls are not required at the moment and we would ask that PE bags remain in school until half-term when they will be sent home for a wash. If your child wears earrings please ensure that they are only small studs and should be removed for PE days.
  • A change of underwear, socks and clothing to be kept in your child’s PE bag in case of accidents.

Please name all items of clothing including coats and shoes!

Useful Reception Class Links

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