Southwold Primary About Us

Our Staff

At Southwold Primary and Nursery School, we have some of the finest teachers and teaching staff in the country. They are highly motivated, committed, and passionate about providing our pupils with the best education possible.

Senior Leadership

Mrs Helen Wollington Principal & SENCO
Mrs Emily Holloway Assistant Principal & Teaching and Learning Lead

Teaching Staff

Mrs Claire Palser Computing Lead & Reception Teacher
Mrs Emily Holloway Reception Teacher
Miss Laura Stefanovic Art Lead and Year 1/2 Teacher
Mrs Andrea Hooton English Lead & Year 1/2 Teacher
Mr Matt Street Science Lead & Year 1/2 Teacher
Mrs Jo Stanley Year 3/4 Teacher
Mrs Sara Thorpe Humanities Lead & Year 3/4 Teacher
Mrs Lynn Wilson PHSE and Values Lead & Year 3/4 Teacher
Mr Jordan Marshall PE lead & Year 5/6 Teacher
Miss Bobbie Wright English and Music Lead & Year 5/6 Teacher
Miss Rebecca Hinton Reception teacher
Mrs Julie Bowne 3/4 year old Nursery Manager
Miss Hayley Ponty 2 year old Nursery Manager

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Holly Doherty HLTA and Assistant SENCO
Mrs Falguni Desai Teaching Assistant
Mrs Alyson Leman Teaching Assistant
Mrs Alison Smith HLTA
Mrs Karen Soanes Teaching Assistant
Mrs Widge Stirrat HLTA
Ms Kirstie Hine Teaching Assistant
Mrs Leesa Sneddon Teaching Assistant
Mr Jack Cane Teaching Assistant
Mrs Louise Fitzmaurice Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sarah Hodsdon Teaching Assistant
Mrs Victoria Morgan Teaching Assistant
Ms Jamie Izzo Learning Mentor
Miss Sky Graefe Learning Mentor & Family Support Worker
Miss Kizzy Burt Teaching Assistant
Mrs Yvette Fox Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sarah Harrison Teaching Assistant
Miss Katie Cork Teaching Assistant
Miss Angela Smith Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sophie Thomas Teaching Assistant
Mrs Donna Hawkins Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sarah Henstridge Teaching Assistant
Miss Natasha Hinks Teaching Assistant

Office Staff

Mrs Laura East Pupil Services Officer
Mrs Amanda Cladingboel Pupil Services Officer

Support Staff

Mrs Gail Rampton Breakfast and After-school Club & Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Rita Green Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Sharon Bishop Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Vanessa Leftley Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Gillian McGarrity Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Louise Long Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Linda Jefferies Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Donna Randall Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Sandra Collins Cleaner & Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Jan Rowlinson Catering Supervisor
Mrs Vanessa Hawkins Catering Assistant
Miss Sian Chandler Catering Assistant
Mrs Sophie Cork MDSA
Mrs Stephanie Neison MDSA
Mrs Louise McDermott MDSA
Mrs Elzbieta Bernacka Cleaner
Miss Stephanie McBride Cleaner
Mrs Zena Slaymaker Cleaner
Mr Russell Dawe Caretaker


Southwold Primary is not only a great school for pupils, it’s also a fantastic school for teachers. Working in partnership with The White Horse Federation, we offer teachers extensive support, fantastic resources, and a range of training opportunities. We welcome teachers of all experience, whether they have recently qualified or have been teaching for many years. If you are interested in joining White Horse Primary, follow the link below.

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